Life Feed #9

Sooo I had this very boring Life Feed scheduled to post earlier this week, but then the sun started shining and I NEEDED TO GO PLAY OUTSIDE. I traded my dark room for a sunny backyard, replaced my study books with fashion magazines and switched from Red Bull and coffee to cocktails and wine… Life can be fun! At least for a few hours, after that it was time to get back to reality (aka. studystudystudy).

In between swimming, sunning and ehm.. studying, I managed to snap some pics of items I’m currently loving, like these new heels by Ravel. There are a bazzilion shoes lying around here that have yet to make their appearance on the blog, but all in good time. For now I’m perfectly content with wearing flipflops.

  • Ravel heels via Spartoo (schoenen)
  • Summertime essentials: self tan and after-sun by Bio Beauté by Nuxe
    and Diorskin Nude Tan Poudre Soleil 
  • New iPhone replicase via eBay
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