New in: Ash Cool Wedge Sneakers

Friends, I need your help! Your opinions about these Ash sneakers are very welcome, as I’m kind of torn between keeping them – or sending them back. After first buying these wedge sneakers, I’m hooked on the quality and comfort of Ash sneakers. I wear them a lot, despite of the unusual colour, so I decided a black pair would be a great investment to add to my wardrobe. 
So when these Ash Cool Bis sneaker wedges turned up on after being sold out for a long time, I clicked them right into my basket, and 4 days later they fell right onto my doorstep. But the thing is,  I’m not really sold.. This model is a bit bulkier than my other pair, the white sole is very thick and the overall sporty-vibe is more apparent. Shucks, because I really think a pair of black wedge sneakers would be something I’d wear often. Anyways, I turn to you for help: keep or toss? Let’s hear it! verkoopt zowel schoenen als tassen.
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