Places: Mademoiselle Moustache

Coffee, my only friend before noon. And even after the clock strikes twelve – I can enjoy a good cup of coffee at every hour of the day (I do try to stay away from it after a certain hour and try to limit my caffeine intake to avoid CRAZYSUPERHYPERWHIHHHAHAANESS). Drinking a regular cup of coffee at home is fine and all, but when you live in a city with an amazing amount of equally amazing coffee shops, you just need to get your coffee fix from outside every once in a while. Not sure where you’re heading to? Let me recommend Mademoiselle Moustache, the cutest little place on the Paardenmarkt. Coffee’s good, pie’s delish and the atmosphere is really relaxing. In need of a sugar rush? Go for the Super Mario, coffee with M&M’s and caramel. Three letters, one word: yum.

Mademoiselle Moustache
Paardenmarkt 21
2000 Antwerpen

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