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Hear/see/speak: Urbanears Plattan Denim

Music post alert! I’m BEAT (woohoo music terminology!) after spending the whole day at the library and cooking dinner for my housemates, but I’ve been wanting to post some music-related things for a while so.. tired or not, here I go! 

First up: my new loves! These Urbanears Plattan headphones in the newest denim edition are my new best friends. Seriously, I don’t even know how I managed to get on with my life before I had these?! There’ve been countless occasions on which muting out the rest of the world would have been the answer. Take train rides for example. I take the train a lot, and somehow the most annoying and talkative people always seem to find me – even though I try my very best to look unfriendly, uninterested, unwelcoming and whatnot. 
Picture me last Sunday, sitting in an empty wagon waiting for the train to leave the station, accompanied by a big pile of study books and my don’t-bother-me-face. Whaddayaknow, random long-legged dude decides to sit right across from me. No problem just yet, trains are for everyone. But then the guy starts talking, even after my ostentatious syllabi-flipping and flagrant exam-face. Now this is where these headphones would come in handy! Sorry long-legged dude, can’t hear you, listening to music *points at headphones*. YES! Or the numerous days I spent at the uni library, distracted by the sharp whispering voices of girls discussing their boyfriends, new diet and favourite Kardashian sister. 
Anyways, all in the past, as I’m now the proud owner of these Urbanears. They are awesomely cool and the sound is reaaally good! I swear sometimes it’s like John Mayer himself is standing next to me whispering sweet little nothings in my ear. Urbanears – get them herez! (A rhyme! Always knew I’d make a good rapper.)
I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been listening to repeatedly on my iPhone, which is mostly calm/laid-back music, perfect in between study-sessions. Singing along is optional, dancing is mandatory. Oh and please do share your favourite songs of the moment!

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