In a Balenciaga state of mind

I was planning on beginning this post with a fairytale-like intro about some girl who falls in love with a magic handbag and together they go on all kinds of wonderful adventures and live happily ever after, but mid-exam stress started taking its toll so writing a somewhat witty bit won’t be happening anytime soon. Let’s just skip the fairy dust and evil stepmothers and get right back to reality. 
I’ve done my fair share of frog-kissing when it comes to bags. I almost always went with bags that were okay-ish but didn’t knock me off my feet, so might now be the time to go for my Prince Charming? I believe so! They don’t come in cheap, but if the other options are sleeping for a 100 years or going to live with 7 midgets, well then, I’m willing to drop some cash to meet my Prince. 
I first fell in love with the Balenciaga motorcycle bags when I saw a pic of the Olsen twins carrying around their sea foam First Bag in 2004. That’s 8 years ago. Talk about a commited relationship! The bags rock in bright colours, but I’m thinking it’ll be a better investment to go for a more muted, timeless colour
What do you think? Will we live happily ever after? To be continued.