Outfit: track pants

After an intense week of exams it’s nice to take an evening off of studying, so that’s what I did yesterday. I met up with friends in my hometown, stole my brother’s t-shirt and went to bed early. Nothing too excited, but I was tired as hell (2 exams in 23 hours is no joke) so I deserved some chill-out time. 
In exactly 8 days I’ll have my normal life back, even though I must admit I don’t really mind all the studying. Yes, it can be hard, stressful and demanding, but nothing beats the feeling of nailing an exam… That totally made your geek-radar go off, didn’t it? 

To keep in line with all my school-gibberish, here’s a typical outfit I wear for long study-sessions at the library. I was planning on wearing these track pants either exclusively at home or paired with high heels, but let’s face it, why would anyone want to wear high heels when you’re stuck behind a desk all day? Also, I’m lazy and the streets around campus are all cobblestoned. So there you have it; I went with comfy Vans instead. And if anybody looks weird at me wearing joggings/pyjama pants in broad daylight, I just put on the whatever-man,-all-is-fair-during-exam-periods-face, which looks a lot like this

Wearing: track pants from Zara | denim shirt and tee from H&M | shoes by Vans via Spartoo schoenen | bag from T2 Secondhand | scarf  by Vero Moda c/o Bestseller PR. Pics by The Styling Dutchman.