The Edit #1

Every day my inbox gets flooded with press releases, presentations of new collections and general prettiness from PR agencies and brands. Although not every single e-mail I get corresponds with my style and the general mood of the blog, there are always a few things that catch my eye and that I’m sure you can appreciate too. So say hello to the newest feature on Dogs and dresses: The Edit, in which I present to you some new products and brands that I’m currently obsessing over. I’ll try to turn this into a regular thing – at least if you like these kinds of posts. Do you? Let me know! 
1. Personalized Thea Jewelry by Emilie Duchene ring. Beautifully made with an impeccable finish and eye for detail, I LOVE THIS. More info here.
2. How awesome are these Sorel sandals? I’m guessing you all know Sorel as the sturdy snowboot type of brand, but they’re quickly becoming so much more than that. These Sorel summer boots in Zebra would be killer for any summer festival! Get them via Spartoo schoenen.
3. I mostly switch between my favourite Marc by Marc Jacobs and the bright yellow Gent Lacquerd Swatch (seen here and here), but since being on time is important and all, one can never have too many watches. I wouldn’t mind adding this pretty little number to my Swatch collection. The Lady Original in Mint Leave – get it here.
4. The newest member in skincare-land is downright amazing. The Etat Pure products offer a solution for every skin type and its problems. No more trying out generic products that don’t really match your skincare needs, just select all you desire your skincare to be on the website and get the custom made help your skin deserves! Because.. You’re worth it!

Well, I’m off to my second exam – fingers crossed around 10AM please – and after that it’s right back where I came from since my third one’s tomorrow. Aaah. Deadlines. See you later! 

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