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Votes Wanted: H&M Trend Scout 2012

Here I am, on my knees begging you guys to vote for me on some fashion-related contest yet again. But this one’s a bit different (AND WAY MORE AWESOME) than previous things I entered! Not only is the competition hosted by my all-time favourite high-street brand H&M, but it is as much about music as it is about fashion! 
The lucky winner of the H&M Trend Scout 2012 competition gets to go to Roskilde music festival in Denmark (wooo-hoo!). Besides enjoying the amazing artists and performances, the H&M Trend Scout will get special assignments in spotting trends on the festival terrain each day, and the goal is to go out and capture the coolest styles and outfits. H&M will then upload the fresh festival styles on the global H&M Facebook page and shares them with the rest of the fanbase. So step aside Mr. Sartorialist, the H&M Trend Scouts are here! 

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I LOVE festivals and I CAN’T wait for summer to start, so it would be absolutely amazing if I could go to Denmark. Can I count on your vote? The competition ends on in two days (3th of June) so I need all the votes I can get. Love love love!  

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