When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Duuuudes, I’m quitting this whole blogging-thing and becoming a professional helicopter pilot, uhm.. passenger! 
Here’s what happened: After receiving a super secretive and mysterious e-mail from Eastpak in my inbox, only containing the tagline “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” along with a date and time, I had no choice but to accept the invitation. The meeting place was yet to be confirmed and the nature of the event was held a secret. If the plan was to get my attention, mission accomplished, I was intrigued. 
Fast forward to last Thursday, when the mystery was revealed. A small group of journalists and bloggers met up in the center of Antwerp and we were welcomed by Tanguy Ottomer, aka. Queen B of all city guides. After an intense and still very mysterious bike ride along the river, we finally arrived at our destination: Antwerp Heliport. Hello helicopter, hello shaking knees! 
Being the daredevil I am (?), I hopped in the heli first, along with Carmen, Afro from TheFashionFolio and Magali from StyleToday. Whoooo, so cool seeing my city from the sky! I was planning on uploading some video footage I took during the flight, but my computer says no, so that’ll have to wait. No need to cry, here’s a picture report:

image sources: dogsanddresses / thefashionfolio / ListenUp

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