Confidence is not for Sale

Life is full of unexpected situations – be it happy surprises or unforeseen difficulties. But aren’t these the things that make us who we are as a person? I for one believe that, no matter how big the pitfall that presents itself, in the end you’ll find yourself having gained from each and every experience life throws at you. All you have to do is believe in yourself and have confidence. It’s this point of view that forms the principle of VILA’s latest campaign. The Danish brand pictures the young, fashion-conscious woman who is not afraid to show her femininity and sensuality, but is equally aware that, after tripping over a few times in life, you just pick up your stilettos and keep going. A lesson that can be extended to life in general; dust yourself off and try again. Confidence is key!

To spread the Confidence is not for sale message, VILA compiled a shirt video of embarrassing but human catwalk moments gone bad. Make sure you press play and have yourself a few OOH en AUWCH-moments.