Life Feed #10: the June round-up

Most of June was dedicated to studying, and I’m very glad say I passed all my exams *high five*. Next up: the final year of Uni and the last year of being a carefree student *sob*. Since today is the first of July, I decided to do a small round-up of all the things I’ve been up to the past month. Let’s take a look.
In June I… wore clothes!

Summer in the City // Track Pants
Botanical Garden // June Gloom Prevention
Lace Stripe Sparkle // The Studded Jacket
In June I… received these pretty shoes from They’re on a 45% sale right now, so go get yourself a pair here.

In June I… got to see the city from a new point of view! Read up on my helicopter adventure here.

In June I... transformed into a bird. Feathers in my hair? Yes please!

In June I… went on an 8 hour shopping frenzy through London. My Regent Tweet report is ready to read here.

In June I… had the best day with all of my favourite bloggies at UPR’s The Big You blog event. BBQ, cocktails, sun and friends = good times.