Life Feed #11

My blogging schedule’s been way off the past few months. I can hardly find the time to write and upload new stuff, even though I’m still enjoying my summer break. Slacker much! ‘Normal’ school days might be busy, but I find having some sort of routine to answer to on a daily basis makes me that much more efficient. Not that I haven’t been busy with the blog, au contraire, I’ve let my inner geek out and have been working on a new and improved blog lay-out for several nights in a row. Really excited for you to see my new virtual baby! 
Besides geeking out at night I’ve also tried to cram in as much quality time with my loved ones as possible. Dinner dates, days at the beach, pub crawls, Sunday brunches.. Life’s been good! I’m seeing uberchickflick Magic Mike later tonight with some of my girlfriends – hot naked men taking their clothes off on a 40ft screen? That ought to be interesting! Happy Monday, – xo