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Outfit: Dot Dot Dot

Hi fellas! You wanted to see a bunch of dated pics of me, in the midst of exam-fever, looking simple and tired as hell? HERE YOU GO THANKYOUCOMEAGAIN. I won’t mention exams/study/uni anymore from now on, just know I was super stressed out, tired, anxious, scared and all that combined the day these pics were shot. Wish I could say I’m waaaay more relaxed and peaceful today, but I just started my -very fashionable- summer job (more on that later) and juggling work + personal ah-it’s-summer-let’s-hang-out-till-the-break-of-dawn-and-booze-on-8-gallons-of-wine-every-night life isn’t easy. BUT WE’LL MAKE IT WORK (Tim Gunn style). What are you up to these days? 
sweater – H&M 
trousers – Zara Kids
bag – T2 Vintage
shoes – Elite via Spartoo schoenen