Outfit: Leopard Leather Feather

The title of this look pretty much sums it up: I’m wearing a leather jacket, leopard printed pants and feathers in my hair. Aha! Nothing you haven’t seen before (except for the leather jacket – it’s new by Zara).
So, how are the sales treating you? I wanted to score some awesome sale buys, but I can’t be bothered going through the beenthere/donethat racks and piles of clothes at H&M and Zara. That’s why I’m on the look-out for some designer goodies that I’ve been craving over for some time (the SBC wedges!). I’m visiting a few stores later today, so I’ll let you know how that turns out. XO!
sweater / jacket – ZARA
jeans – River Island
shoes – Converse via Spartoo schoenen