Outfit: White Red Camo & Time to Celebrate!

wearing: lace dress – zara | camo jacket – topshop | wedges – Ugg Australia (gifted) | bag – Balenciaga | sunnies – Ray Ban

On time flying by – & a really big shout out to YOU:

Time really DOES fly when you’re having fun! Exactly 366 days ago I bought the dotcom-domain name for this blog, and a lot has happened over the course of the year. I am truly grateful for all the wonderful opportunities I’ve been given, and I can’t wait to take things further with the blog this year. In a way blogging and everything around it resembles an actual relationship. You start off slow, having to get to know the other, having to figure things out along the way. There are ups and downs, obstacles that need to be dealt with, that’ll make the both of you stronger, wiser, and more – YAWN, sorry, this lame relationship-metaphor is making me all sleepy ;-) No but really, I’m superduper happy I started this blog, I’m thankful for all the readers and the community or so called blogosphere that I’m now a part of. You guys are REALLY cool and fun, *high five* so THANKS! 
On the outfit:
On the hottest day of the entire year my brain goes “oh hey today is a wonderful day for a long-sleeved dress” and also “you bought this cool new jacket, you need to wear it now!” and also “you’re going to be standing 8 hours straight today, you should wear really high wedges, it’s fun”. Safe to say my brain and hot temperatures don’t really get along. Anyways, things turned out quite okay – I rolled up my sleeves, ditched the jacket and sat down a lot. I wore this to the big Bloggers Day Fest aka The Big You that Antwerp-based PR-agency UPR organizes for Belgian bloggers every season. I still need to report on this cool/hot day, but all in good time. For now, there’s champagne that needs to be popped, dancing shoes that need to be worn, flags that need to be waved and a bunch of other things people do when celebrating! XO