Eleven Paris meets | House of Harlow

With a staggering 14cm these are undoubtedly the highest heels I own. Not really the type of shoes to wear for long walks on cobble-stoned city streets, but they’ll look just as great in restaurants, movie theatres, on terraces,… Any place with chairs really.

Speaking of movie theatres: as I mentioned before, I went to see Magic Mike the other day. Hoohoohoo – I didn’t had really high expectations going in, because let’s face it, the plot of this movie doesn’t sound Oscar worthy (pretty boy strips naked on a stage every night in order to pursue his dream of becoming a furniture designer. a furniture designer!). But for some unknown reason *cough*naked men dancing*cough* this movie turned out to be the most appealing for a girls’ night out! Positive points: Channing Tatum is one hell of a dancer and Alex Pettyfer is kinda cute. There were a few scenes that made me giggle (and a few that made me cringe. KEEP YOUR PANTS ON PEOPLE!). Downside: Whattheheck happened to Matthew McConaughey? Dude looks old. And greasy. Don’t watch if you’re in the mood for an enlightening and intellectual story. Do watch if you’re in the mood for some shameless objectifying of the male species. TABLES ARE TURNED!
Wearing: Karla Shirt by Eleven Paris, Lace shorts by Oasap, House of Harlow Callan heels via Spartoo schoenen, sunnies from H&M.