Huge Hair | Rag Curls


Huge hair – also known as the easiest tutorial ever.
Source of inspiration: this extremely entertaining tutorial.
All you need in order to let your inner Foxxy Cleopatra out is an old cotton tee, some mousse and the entire dvd-collection of Sex and the City, because for this hairstyle you will need some serious time on your hands.
Step 1: wash your hair and slap some conditioner on it. While waiting for your hair to dry, take the t-shirt and cut it into tiny strips of fabric.
Step 2: your hair is towel-dry? Add massive mountain of mousse. Volume is the keyword in all of this, so don’t be stingy and apply a fair amount.
Step 3: take the smallest section of hair (like 1 cm wide-small) and start rolling the hair onto the piece of fabric. Start at the end and roll your way up to the roots. Tie the piece of fabric into a knot on the top of your head and move on to the next section of hair.
Step 4: watch Carrie fall in love with Mr. Big, break up with Mr. Big, cheat on Aidan with Mr. Big, … Keep rolling your hair onto the pieces of fabric until every section is covered. Warning: you will look like a member of 90s boyband 3T.
Step 5: go to sleep / bake cupcakes / watch Sex and the City: the movie 1 and 2 … or just sit in a corner and wait for your hair to dry.
Step 6: remove all pieces of fabric. This is supereasy and will just take a few minutes. Shake out the curls with your hands and apply some oil or other greasy hair-thingy to keep the curls from looking dry.
Step 7: finito! You are now the proud owner of a full head of huge hair. Go out! Dance!


I was surprised at just HOW SHORT my hair was after taking the pieces of fabric out. The curls are tiny – and so my hair, which normally reaches well below boob, now ends in the ear-area. After some pulling, combing and moussing it got a bit more stretched out. The curls don’t really respond well to directions so you might want to add bobby pins or a scarf for a more controlled coupe.
Although the actual curling of the hair takes up a lot of time, it is a very cool hairstyle for a special event/crazy party/dull monday.
And then I instagram-OD’d. The end.


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