Bloggers Closet Sale | You are Invited

10 blogs. 5 hours. 100000 clothes. Next Friday the 28th the Happaertstraat 21 will transform into total wardrobe chaos as we’re hosting our very first Bloggers Closet Sale, and you are invited to join in on the madness! Browse through the collections of some of your favourite bloggers, all while sipping a refreshing Tao and munching on delish cupcakes provided by Patty Cake. Drop by before heading off into Antwerp Fashion Night and be sure to say hi if we run into each other. Don’t forget to confirm your presence on both event pages and like Antwerp Fashion Night. It’ll be a lot of fun – see you there!

We’re hosting a private sale for a few lucky readers before the fashion madness starts. You’d like to be among the first ones to browse our closet sale? Then drop me a line on and I’ll pick out two random lucky ladies.

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