Life Feed | #13

// We went on a journey throughout Antwerp to pick up clothing hangers from the AFN head office, had sushi camper-style on our bags of clothes and styled our sale booths like they were our own little stores. We worked well past midnight but the end result was worth it, no? 

The evening itself was a ginormous success and I want to thank everybody who stopped by. Please tell me about the rest of your Antwerp Fashion Night experience, as I myself was too busy with the closet sale to visit the other stores and events. What’s your opinion on Antwerp Fashion Night? I say: supercool initiative, we don’t need no Vogue to have our own celebration of fashion! 
Thanks to Spice Productions, Huis Happaert, Tao and Patty Cake and my fellow bloggers for making the first ever Bloggers Closet Sale a succes. Should we organize another one soon? Would you like to participate? Let me know! 

CASA BACARDI // MOJITO! BLUEBERRY DAIQUIRI! MAI THAI! Things started to get fuzzy right about then! A workshop in how to make cocktails at a secret location somewhere in the centre of Antwerp is an invite I don’t turn down. And so now I know all the ways to make the best cocktails… Of course I forgot the exact recipes on how to make them. I’d say a bottle of Bacardi and Google. Cheers.

THERE’S ALWAYS PARIS // 5 hours in Paris for Fashion Week and cocktails (again with the cocktails – I’m sorry mom) is anything but an ordinary day. I’ll show you what I was up to exactly in a post to come.

IN THE MEANTIME // I met up with friends, went to events, lacked sleep, did some shopping, shot some pics, … Lots of blogging material, so check back soon! X