Outfit | Vintage Dress

Blogging from an overheated laptop ain’t easy. I planned on posting daily the past week but alas, mister laptop thought otherwise. Its cooling fans broke down, and with the backspace button that’s been missing for a few months it’s getting more and more clear I’ll have to say goodbye to my little computer soon. This also means I’m now looking for a new replacement. I’m leaning towards the Macbook Air but I’m not much of an Apple girl computer-wise, so maybe an ultrabook from another brand might be a better fit? I browsed through so many laptops I’m now completely laptop-saturated so your recommendations are more than welcome.

Oh yes, there’s also an outfit going on here. I finally took out one of my latest T2 finds to meet up with Kim. Best thing: I took this colourful vintage number home with me for only €1. Awesome, right? Paired with my Balenciaga and Belle by Sigerson Morrison boots from Spartoo schoenen (which are now on sale!), this outfit is the perfect mix of designer meets vintage. The black leather motorcycle jacket from Zara and blue H&M necklace provide the high-street touch. Curious to hear what you think! X