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Currently Loving

Ahh, Carrie Bradshaw and I no longer have nothing more in common than our disastrous love-lives. MijnNaamketting was kind enough to gift me with this pretty little golden necklace. The perfect accessory for many a drunken night (bc you’ll never forget your name with this one, righhhht). Fancy your own personalized jewel? Visit the website here (and add the code KADO for a 10% discount!). I went for this style – understated but really cute. It’s the perfect present for the upcoming Christmas holidays! Also comes in handy when the barista at Starbucks asks for your name. 

My Ray Ban collection is my daily partner in crime, so I’m glad to welcome this new pair into the family. Slightly oversized, tinted shades and a matte black frame: these frames are bad-ass. Perfect to protect both eyes and skin from a harsh winter sun, you will be seeing these a lot from now on.

Foreeeeever young, I want to be, foreeeeveeer young. Eternal youth is what it’s all about with this serum from YSL and although I’m not really in dire need of anti-aging serums at my mere 23-year old age, this product does work its magic on my face. Flawwwwless! Next to it? Only the best lipstick ever! A glossy finish and long-lasting formula are guaranteed to get you through the night. I’m not much of a lipstick expert, but I can vouch for this particular lipstick with both hands! From left to right: Forever Youth Liberator Serum and Rouge pur Couture Vernis a Levres by YSL.