Christmas Coat

The Christmas countdown has begun! I’m looking forward to the holidays, spending some quality time with my family and making time for friends. Today’s also the start of Hell Month aka. hardcore study-time until the end of January. I have a tremendous amount of reading to catch up on, there’s still a lot of writing to be done and a few late night cramming sessions are marked in my new Moleskine planner, but I will do it all in the comfort of caramel coffee and Christmas carols. 
This year I did all of my Christmas shopping the right way: online. Living a stone’s throw away from Antwerp’s high street is super convenient most of the year, but when the Holidays are around the corner, the Meir transforms into monster mass mayhem. I have a deep disliking towards crowded shops, so this year I turned to the magical world of the interwebs to help with my gifts. Mister mailman delivered everything right on time at my home address, so I’m curious to see what I’m actually giving my family members – I won’t be home until Christmas eve though, so I hope I ordered well. 
How did you handle your Christmas shopping this year? Clicked your way through a series of webshops, or are you braver than me and actually ventured out into the wild to hunt down the perfect gift? 
I’m wearing the Essentiel dinnamon coat paired with this huge scarf by Zara. Boots by Betty London via Spartoo schoenen and bag from H&M. Pics by Polienne.