London Hipster Girl

This is the kind of outfit I could LIVE in FOREVER. 
The denim: these are the slacks I got to pick out at the G-STAR event. It’s the New Radar in a washed grey – the perfect addition to my black and blue pairs of jeans. I’m particularly pleased by these because they’re the only denim that fit me perfectly length-wise. The friendly peeps of the G-star store in the Kammenstraat offered to shorten the jeans for free, and as I’m always way too lazy to get this done myself, these are now the perfect pair of denim for me. Thanks G-Star! 
The sweatshirt: here’s part of my new Illustrated People gear in action. As I’m confined to my books for the rest of the month, comfort is key, and thus I tend to go for more easy, comfy, slouchy and warm sweaters. The sleeves on this one are really long, which makes it perfect for snuggling up in when in the library. 
The coat: right before leaving on the first London trip of the year, this was back in February for London Fashion Week, I decided I needed to have a leopard printed faux-fur coat in my wardrobe. I found in on sale at Bershka, and although I haven’t worn it outrageously much, I do really like it (and the fact that it reminds me of good London times!). With the temperatures dropping below zero and my increasingly need for comfort clothes, I’m sure I’ll be wearing this soft little friend a lot the upcoming weeks. 
Besides all of the above, I’m also wearing easy-to-combine ankle boots from Betty London via Spartoo and a tote bag I got when shopping for groceries at Whole Foods Piccadilly in … yeah … London … where else.Pics by Polienne.