Leopard prints & Denim

At first I was all like OMG how comfy are these shoes? But then I actually walked in them for longer than 5 seconds, and reality sunk in. High heeled shoes = never comfy, no matter how high the platform. So I probably won’t get as much wear out of them as I get out of my converses and nikes, but they’re F21 and thus cheap, so it don’t matter all that much. Let’s just call ‘em my cab-to-curb heels. Perfect for casually lounging next to one Styling Dutchman and one sad abandoned pine tree. 
Okay time for me to reaaally hit the books as not much bookhitting has been done over the past few days. Ah the age-old question: WHY IS LIFE SO DISTRACTING? So while I’m nerding away behind my desk, do let me know what you think of this outfit – it’s not really one I’m particularly happy with but it’s outfitpicturescrisistime so I had to post. Byez. 

I’m wearing a dress & jacket both from H&M’s Divided department, high heeled boots from F21 (Similar from Diesel via Spartoo schoenen) and dear old Balenciaga. Pics by Polienne.