What I’m Wearing Today: A Still Life

Tick-tock tick-tock – that’s the sound of the days slowely passing by.

Scratch-scratch – that’s the sound of me counting down the days on my calendar.

WHOO-HOOOOO – that’s the sound of me in about five days, after I’ve hopefully just finished my last exam (well it’s not really my last as I have one lined up next Monday, but that’s just a presentation/talk with my professor, so should be fine) in a somewhat successful fashion. Since we’re talking about fashion, (see what I did there?) here’s what I’m wearing today. I’m thinking about wearing this for my film theory final as well, since it’s an oral one and thus requires the wearing of a pretty dress, right? 
I’m terribly sorry for the sad still life pic but I’ll probably meet up with Polly later today so I can shoot this pretty Pins & Needles dress (from Urban Outfitters, previously featured on the blog here) in the snowly landscapes! 
 Have a nice Monday, love.