A Summer Outfit in Winter Times

First summer-outfit of the year! This picture was scheduled to appear in the new edition of Flemish magazine Glam*It, but didn’t make it through to the final lay-out. There goes my fifteen minutes of fame! ;) I really like the outfit though, so I thought I’d just show the picture here. I remember shooting this in the middle of January, right after having had my first exam. I was so not in the mood for bare legs, cold shoulders and walking around town half naked when everyone was covered up in huge snuggly scarfs, but I did it anyway – and it was really fun. Getting my make-up done at MAC, having a professional photographer work its magic… Too fun not to share!
On a personal note: I just got back from the funeral of my aunt, who left our lives way too early. There are better ways to start your weekend (or week, since I first heard of her passing on Monday), but it does put things in perspective. Make the most of every moment, live and love to the fullest and don’t be scared to reach for big things, okay? *end of inspirational talk*. I hope you all have a fun, relaxing weekend doing things you like and spending it with those you love.
I’m wearing: cut-out shirt with all-over sunglasses print from Forever21, vintage Levi’s cut-offs found at Think Twice, Topshop Ambush boots, Mexx suede bag and H&M floppy hat. Pic by Mous Lamrabat.