Tested & approved: Samsung NX1000

A while ago I had the opportunity of testing out the newest Samsung system camera, the NX1000. Since pictures are worth a thousand words: here are a few pictures, shot with the different settings the camera offers.

Amsterdam bridges – the Samsung NX1000 is the perfect camera for city trippin’.
It’s small, light and easy to carry.
I love how the NX1000 focusses on the foreground and makes the background blurry.
Perfect blogger setting!
Detail shots (glitzy shoes and a rotten apple – yes) – like I said, the Samsung NX1000 really knows what to do when it comes to detail shots.
If you’re a beauty blogger or like to get up close and personal, this is a great camera for you.
Amsterdam by night – shot in night scene without flash Candies. The NX1000 comes with a separate flash that is attachable whenever you need it.
Close-up of raindrops
Focused foreground, very blurry background. Ideal to put certain objects in the spotlight.
The Samsung NX1000 has a broad range of playful filters and frames to add a creative effect to your photos. This is probably not really a function you’ll use a lot, but it’s fun to play around with every once in a while. Among the filters are fish eye, retro and this black and white scratchy one for instance. The automatic setting of the Samsung NX1000 selects the best settings for the circumstance. The NX1000 is super easy to set up, but for a quick picture, the automatic setting is the way to go. 

In my opinion this is an awesome camera to use on the go, and is perfectly capable of competing with your heavy DSLR, especially for the retail price of €599. Available in black and white, comes with a detachable flash and 20-55mm lens.