Spotlight on Stylight

I know a lot of you are slaving away behind your desks at the moment, busily studying and writing papers. Exam-time’s upon us, and if there’s one thing that I associate with this particular time, it’s spending hours of uselessly browsing the internet. Who’s with me? If your study-breaks are a bit dull I suggest visiting Stylight and registering for your own personal profile. The website’s actually a platform to post and browse the most fashionable looks. At first glance it might look like some similar sites you’re already familiar with, but what I like most about Stylight is the fact that you can make entire boards dedicated to a particular look, by adding photos, text, music and videos. Stylight also lets you browse items that are comparable to your own style, which you can like, share and buy – basically it’s social shopping! 
I myself recently became part of the Stylight-community and I’m loving it! It’s more real and accessible than similar platforms, if you ask me. 
Here’s an example of one of my boards. I began with pictures of my own outfit and added similar items to the mix. I ended up adding a fun quote and links to the blog et voilà. Visit my profile here and this particular board here and make sure to let me know what your username is. I’d love to see the boards you guys come up with!

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