The White Tee Uniform

Doctor, doctor. I’m currently suffering a serious case of massive-amount-of-school-work-induced burn-out. Papers keep piling up, presentations need to be powerpointed, movies are waiting to be screened and reviewed in detail and deadlines are relentlessly moving closer at a speed I’m not too crazy about. Suffice to say I have enough on my plate at the moment. Plate’s full. But let this just be the time that my subconscious gets all creative regarding all things besides uni, eagerly filling my head with thoughts and ideas about the blog, the future, life in general. In other words, I’m constantly busy as a bee, just not doing the things I really should be doing. Perfect, just per-fect. 
This current state of mind inevitably reflects onto my wardrobe as well. I seem to have developed some kind of busy-times uniform. And it’s a recipe for success. Well-fitting denim (thanks Gstar), loose fitting white tee (this one’s linen, perfect for summer) and something to throw over it all, preferably in a fun print or bold colour. I’m actually wearing the silver sandals and clutch for the sake of the pictures, since my converses are my weapons of choice to run around town in – and honestly, can you blame me? 
I’m wearing: denim by G-star, dotted blazer and linen shirt from Zara, sunnies co\ Zalando and silver accessories from H&M. Pics by Polienne.