Vogue O’Clock

Milestone! I’ve just stepped out of my final lecture at uni for like, ever. That’s right; the class of 2013 and I are heading into one straight line towards the working life *takes 15 minutes to freak out*
Anyways, not quite there yet – still have to hand in my master’s thesis and take two exams. I have a crazy busy week coming up, what with adding the final touches (and another five thousand more words) to my thesis and studying for my first exam. But I’ll try to look at it from the bright side and experience it as my last real task as a student. 
A few of you were curious about the contents of my thesis. I’m analyzing different contemporary fashion shoots published in British Vogue in 1960, 1980 and 2010. The goal is to extract different elements from each of them, regarding both the picture and the depicted, ranging from characteristics of photographic nature over choice of model to the influence of designers and the editor-in-chief. Basically I want to see what the trends in fashion photography are and if there’s a parallel to be found in regard to the zeitgeist of society
The subject of my thesis required me to spend some time at MoMu’s library. Visiting the archives of the fashion museum feels like stepping into a treasure chest filled with inspiration. Whilst flipping through 1960’s British Vogue’s, seeing every image and reading every word, I got more and more motivated and encouraged to keep walking down the fashion path that I’m slowly paving for myself. I would also love to share my thoughts and findings on the more scientific side of fashion on the blog – anyone who fancies that? 
Read an article about my work on the MoMu website.