This maxi dress is proof that I’m not a part of the Olsen fam. How Mary-Kate and Ashley manage to look somewhat of non-midgets in long, flowy dresses (or do they?), I have no idea. I sure felt like one while wearing my brand new Esprit jersey maxi dress. Its cut does nothing for my frame except for making me even shorter. That being said, this thing is the single most comfortable piece of clothing to wear on a sultry summer day. It might just be the fact that I’m not familiar with this length, it might just take some time to adjust to all that fabric or it might just be the fact that my boyfriend let out a big ‘whatthehellareyouwearing’ when he saw me. Anyways, I’m sure I will take this dress out for a spin again, be it worn with sandals on a white sandy beach, or paired with a tough leather jacket (like I first did here). 
I’m wearing: maxi dress c\o Esprit, Converse All Stars via Spartoo schoenen, purse c\o Sacha and sunnies from H&M. Pics by Polienne.