Webshop in Review | Home24

Home inspiration. Flicking through home decor magazines and scrolling down interior design boards on Pinterest is one of my favourite things to do. Ever since I was little I took my bedroom decoration very serious. Changing my bed from one wall to another, adding frames with fun pictures and tie-dyeing pillow cases – back then it was all in the little things. With a big move in the near future, my home deco skills will be put to the test. My initial idea was: an entire apartment to fill, I have no clue what I want! But after browsing webshop Home24, my thoughts changed to: “ahmagaaad, so much pretty stuff, I don’t know what to choose, I want it ALL.” 
I love a clean design in a more authentic setting, so I filled my virtual shopping basket with modern designs that would fit perfectly in my roomy mid-century town house. Then reality kicked in and told me I shouldn’t be ordering stuff when we haven’t found a place to live yet. One thing did manage to sneak its way to the check-out page. This retro cocktail chair (its name is Adrian!) could be the perfect addition to my future living room.
Having no experience with ordering actual furniture online (I usually stick to shoes, bags and clothes), I was really excited when online furniture store Home24 contacted me for a collab. I would be kind of hesitant spending money on furniture without seeing and feeling it in a showroom, as dimensions and materials can look different when viewed on a computer screen. Another doubt would be regarding the delivery, as large packets tend to cost more in shipping. 
I can tell you that the delivery was great – quick and easy. The mailman personally delivered the rather large cardboard box right into my living room (I’m a small girl!) and so just three days after placing my order I was already chilling in my chair. As for my initial hesitations about picking furniture online, I can tell that the item actually exceeded my expectations. I can definitely vouch for ordering online, as prices are usually better (sales! reductions! bargains!), just make sure to check the description, dimensions and used materials before pressing the check-out button. Have fun decorating!