When in London, Shop.

Hi there! As you might have seen on all the various social media channels I abuse/use, I went to London! Reason? This year’s Regent Tweet event. I’ll tell you more about my day in another post (curious? Read about my previous visits to Regent Tweet in 2011 and 2012 here). The event, which combines both shopping and social media, takes place on and around Regent Street. With only a few steps away from Oxford Street, Regent Tweet is the event to go to get some serious shopping done. I tried controlling myself – and I failed. Not really though, I did manage to not go overboard and only go for the necessities. Yea right. Let’s scroll, shall we?
Rawwr. These cute printed shorts, which are perfect for chilling by the pool, cost me only 4 pounds at Primark. Bargain. They colour-coördinate well with my new sandals from Sacha (not bought in London but on their online shop).
RegentTweet equals FREE GIFTS. This year, us bloggers got spoiled with goodies at Michael Kors (a bright green passport holder), Bose (the Nikon Coolpix, perfect camera to drag around muddy festivals), Hamley’s (candy and a teddybear), Tony&Guy, Molton Brown and the REN counter at Liberty’s. More goodies than I could carry, so thanks RT-team! In addition to the free gifts, we also got two gift cards to spend at Hollister and/or Gilly Hicks. Guess what I bought?
Ta-daaah. I went for a pair of goold ol’ jeans. These are particulary fun because of their destroyed wash. What wasn’t particulary fun was the whole shopping-experience at Hollister. That place is crow-ded. And dark. Not my cup of tea. I also picked up this simple bright red tank top at Primark. EPIC.
With the arrival of a new pair of cut-out boots in mind, I browsed through Topshop‘s sock section for some cute socks to show off. I ended up getting three pairs of frilly socks with lace on them – excited to see how they’ll look in my boots. They’re shown here hanging in my lovely Regent Tweet tote.

The shoes in the first picture are also from Primark – I couldn’t leave them there for only £12, now could I? Anyways, sorry for the short post but I have the oral part of my masters thesis coming up in just four hours, and a lot of prepping still has to be done. Cross your fingers, please?

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