Less Clothes, More Fun

Any car ride in the even slightest direction of Liège is an excuse to stop by Primark. So when I had to pick up my mom from the airport, I made a quick pit stop in the city and headed straight towards the Walhalla of budget fashion. A super quick stop, that is, as the entire store was filled with women frantically running around, queuing in mile-long cash register lines and adding yet another polyester tee to their already full shopping bag. Primark; crazy prices, crazy people.

Normally I’m all for budgetfriendly fashion, but this time I didn’t really saw anything that swooped me off my feet (weird, because the f/w lookbook looks really cool). Since yet another so-so shirt wasn’t on my list, I refrained from piling up the goods and just concentrated on what I needed. This bright red shirt was the only clothing-item I actually bought, and I am really happy with it. Great colour, comfy fit, €13, and it matches perfectly with my high heeled sandals, which are coincidentally also from Primark.

Moral of the story? I have enough/too many clothes – and I only want to hold on to the items I truly love and wear. I’m thinking of hosting another closet sale around the first week of September, this time at my place in Antwerp. It would be a fun way to clean out my closets and meet some of my readers along the way. Would this be something you and your girlfriends want to check out? Let me know, I look forward to arrange something if you all are enthousiastic.

I’m wearing bright red blouse and sandals from Primark, satin Zara skirt, ASOS watch, sunnies c\o Zalando and Balenciaga city bag. Pics by Polienne.