Wedge Sneakers: The Next Generation

The hidden-heeled high top that secretly adds a few extra inches to its owner’s silhouette has been around for a few seasons now, nothing new there. The wedge sneaker (or sneaker wedge?) has always been and still is a welcome guest in my closet – not only because of the added length, but mainly because of their comfort and coolness. My love for the wedgesneakershoe began with the Ash sneakers, but has since evolved to more sporty brands and models. The trusty reader of D&D is well aware of my infatuation with Nike’s Dunk Sky High model (I own it in five different colours), but there are a few new potentials on my radar. 
In the picture above: Classic Vans are cool – and so are their wedge sneaks. I own this particular model in hot pink, which was kind of an in-the-moment impulsive online buy, and since hot pink just doesn’t go with everything in my closet, I would probably get more wear out of these simple black ones. I love this outfit and would wear it in a heartbeat. Casual chique, mais oui
This season, Nike brings out a new version of the heeled high-top. Their iconic Air Max trainer gets an upgrade (you can take that very literal) which gives an instant shot of length and cool to its lucky wearer. The model and colour-palette of these sneaks are a tad bold for my taste, but they would look superb in a casual white-tee-and-jeans outfit.
This might be my favourite pair of the bunch: good ol’ Adidas hops on the bandwagon and created a heeled version of the basket shoe. How awesome are these in bright red? They’re very subtle, which I like, but the bold colour gives every outfit an extra punch. Paired with a neutral colour palette consisting of blues, beiges and greens, these Adidas sneakers look their best. 
Tell me, are you still down with the sneaker wedge or are you thinking “ohmygod so two years ago!”? Let me know in the comment section below! 
Credits: all sneakers available on Spartoo schoenen. Want to know where an item is from? Ask me!

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