All I Want for my Birthday…

Hello & welcome to my fabulous birthday lust list. In a few days – on Thursday to be exact – I’ll be blowing out twenty-four candles (ahh inner midlife crisis) and what better way to celebrate life than to spent ridiculous amounts of money on luxurious excessities/necessities? Getting someone to spend that money for you, of course! So here’s my ‘I wish!”-wishlist, feel free to spread the word ;)
Balenciaga City in Gris Tarmac
Ever since my first designer bag, I’m totally on team Balenciaga. There hasn’t been a bag that I have used as much as my first one, so might it be time to add another member to the family? I believe so! The City in Gris Tarmac is the perfect shade of grey and works with every kind of outfit. In love.

See by Chloé boots
 As seen in a previous post, I’m head over heels with these boots by See by Chloé. They’re really cool, go with everything and thus make the perfect pair of winter boots. If only they weren’t €395. 
(via Spartoo schoenen)

Wildfox bikini top
I love myself a big slice of Wildfox-designed goodness, and this bikini top is exactly that. Besides their swimwear I would also approve of finding t-shirts, jumpers and joggers in my mailbox on the 5th.

Filles a Papa COURAGE sweater 
FAP, FAP, FAP, you make my heart beat faster. Every single season I find myself infatuated with the Filles a Papa lookbook – I want everything. No exception this time! I might have already treated myself on something from the brand’s previous collection – it’s green and sparkly and will be proudly shown in an outfit to come.

Macbook Pro 
Being a blogger and all, having a decent laptop is key. Mine is falling to pieces – and actually missing some, so a new laptop would be gladly welcomed into the Dogs and dresses crew.

Nuggets of gold 
Yeah, who doesn’t love nuggets? PM me for my bank account details.

Labrador Retriever 
Oooohhh doggy! I’m so looking forward to cuddle with and care for a sweet little ball of fur – it’s been two years since Zelton past and I really miss having a happy hound around the house. It isn’t the right time yet (have to settle on a place to live first), but I most definitely would not say no to this one on my doorstep.

But, in all seriousness: all I really want for my birthday is this … No really, all I really want is a day full of smiles and hugs with the people I care about. The end.  
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