Head in the Clouds

In between organizing the closet sale, selling clothes and giving interviews (which will all be added to the features-page once I find them), I still had to find the time to move out. I spent past six years discovering places, meeting people and having an awesome time in the city of Antwerp, but it’s time for a new adventure now. I’m not really sure where life will get me and I might be back in Antwerp sooner than you’d think, but we’ll see. 
Thanks to everyone who crossed my path in the city – I can still remember my first days in the “Big City” as it felt at that time, trying to find my way around town and in my own skin. The giggles with Anke, the wine dinners with Rox, the hard work at my internship with Carlijn, the moments with my roomies and my classmates, and of course all the moments with my fellow bloggers: neighbor Pol, baby Afro, hiphop queen Kim, strong voice Annebeth, those merry girls and ALL the others. The all-nighters alone behind my desk and the all-nighters with my friends in de Kassa. The great events I got to go to and the even greater people I got to work with. That one night I ran into a familiar face, who I now happily call my boy. Thanks Antwerp, you’ve been good to me. 
I’m wearing the clouds sweater c\o Mr Gugu and Miss Go (like this brand? Keep an eye out for a surprise my next post!), vintage denim cut-offs by Levi’s, pink Vans sunnies and Springfield bag. Pics by Polienne.
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