Little Black Dresses & Pyjama Pants

It’s not often that I get snapped sporting a fancy black dress and high heels by the paparazzi uhh I mean my trusty photographer. But when one attends the presentation of the new TV season of Vijf, one tries her best to look as well put together as the channel’s TV hosts. So that’s why, last Wednesday, I was seen in the company of Ann van Elsen and Astrid Bryan, munching on canapés and sipping on coupes of champagne. 
The new Vijf TV season starts tomorrow and has you lounging on the couch in your sweats for weeks to come. My personal favourites are the new seasons of Zo Man, Zo Vrouw and Astrid in Wonderland (first episodes on 20/09) and the entirely new Singl3s, a show that follows three young women on their quest to finding their prince charming. Three girls, one house, eight weeks and hundreds of potential princes… I have no idea how all of that will turn out, all I know is that I’m trading in my LBD for popcorn and pyjama pants!

But all of that will have to wait one night, as I’m on my way to London right now to meet up with one of the world’s most famous and talked-about singers. Oh na na, what’s her name? Check my Insta and Twitter to follow my every move.

I’m wearing: LBD c\o Springfield, H&M sunnies, Balenciaga bag and French Connection pumps via Spartoo schoenen. Pics by Polienne.