Rihanna for River Island Launch Party in Oxford Circus London

When Rihanna has something to do with just about anything, you can count on a party to be thrown. No different with the latest Rihanna for River Island collection (in stores as of today!). Just a handful of press and some dedicated fans joined Rihanna on Tuesday to celebrate the launch of her already third River Island collection in the new River Island store on Oxford Street. The night started out great: afternoon champagne – err I mean tea at the Wolseley, an amazing hotel room and the prospect of seeing one of the world’s biggest superstars. Doesn’t sound too shabby, now does it?
After checking out and trying on the collection, we waited for miss RiRi to show. With every minute that passed, our champagne glasses got a refill, our heads got lighter and the fans became more and more impatient. Excitement was the state every single attendee was in, for various reasons. The fans were excited to meet their idol, Ouni was excited to snap that much-wanted polaroid and I was excited to see how everything would turn out. When Rihanna walked in after two hours of waiting, she looked ah-ma-zing. A mullet (really), electric blue lipstick and a fur-sleeved varsity jacket (from her winter collection) might sound appalling, but Rihanna rocks it like nobody else. She danced her way to the VIP table whilst surrounded by models in her collection, and we were left behind a fence, looking at her having fun. The resemblance with a petting zoo wasn’t that far away, and I found the experience rather strange. Hordes of people screaming and shouting from afar, trying to get a glimpse of this one girl.
But then, all of a sudden, something happened. This weird sensation came over me and I slowly started transforming – faster than Clark Kent spins into Superman, I transformed into a lean, mean paparazzi-machine. I became so focused on getting that one shot that I couldn’t be bothered with the hordes of fans pushing me and the Godzilla-like security dudes touching me – I watched Ri’s every move as she danced around the VIP table with her model mates while zig-zagging between the security guys blocking my sight. This wasn’t going to be easy, and evil plans started to unravel in my brain. Pile on the Rihanna for River Island collection and casually pretend to be a model, fashionable late and about fifteen centimeters too  short? Get on my knees and crawl soldier-style between the security’s legs? I mean, the camouflage pieces were right there next to me, who would notice? Ehhm, the hundreds of fans and dozens of Men in Black probably. So I decided to wait it out, snap away and hope for the lucky shot.

I tried, I failed, she was already long gone. But then I spotted pretty little Cara Delevingne in the corner of my eye, and thus completely used up all of my Nikon battery power on her. I snapped away, hoping to get one decent picture, but quickly felt bad for her. Here’s a girl, just wanting to have a good time with a friend, not in the mood to be photographed – and there I am, just a girl, trying to take one good picture because, well, isn’t that what you guys would want to see? I know I would! Anyways, Cara looked annoyed so I backed off for a second, and she appreciated it. In the backstage I had the opportunity to ask her for a pose, but I didn’t. A few fans came up to her to ask for a fan pic and although she said she didn’t really have time, she still pulled out her silly face and posed. Like a pro.
As I’m sure you can tell, I had an interesting experience. I think it was cool seeing Rihanna: the chick’s cool, her collection for River Island is cool, and it was certainly cool to be there in London, in the midst of all the buzz. So thanks River Island for the opportunity, thanks Nathalie, Ouni and Elsa for the great company and thanks Rihanna for looking my way at least once. #G4LIFE.Shop the Rihanna for River Island collection online or drop by the River Island store on the Meir in Antwerp as of today. On Saturday, an urban dance crew will be twerking down the shopping streets of Antwerp and gift passers-by with limited edition goodie bags. Pencil it in!

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