5 Reasons Why You’ll Love The New Lay-Out

Hurray, it’s finally here! After a few all-nighters with my pals Computer, HTML and Google, the results are in – and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a big change from the ordinary blog lay-out and I’m sure some of you liked the previous one just fine, but the new and improved Dogs and Dresses has a few strong suits of its own. 
1. The bigger picture – the five most popular posts appear at the top of the blog, in the slider. This way you won’t miss out on the really cool stuff. 

 2. Keep scrollin’, scrollin’, scrollin’ – the thing I was fed up about the most with the old lay-out was probably its messy look. None of that no more sir, as all the latest content is featured nice and neatly in the ‘recent post’ zone. A title, image and snippet show you what the post is all about, and make it easy to navigate through the different posts.
3. Randomize me – feeling adventurous? Try browsing the ‘random post’ zone in the sidebar. It gives a few suggestions of posts you might want to read, and can take you back weeks, months or even years. Blast from the past, yeah. 
4. Sharing is caring – and it’s a whole lot easier to care from now on. Each post concludes with matching twitter-, facebook- Google Plus- and Pinterest buttons to share what you are liking, loving and reading. Isn’t that grand? 
5. Speak up! – I truly love reading your comments, getting feedback and creating a dialogue on here, so that’s why the new lay-out has a few different ways of commenting. You can comment using the Disqus box we’ve been using for a while now, or you can comment via Facebook. In the comment section, click on whichever platform you want to use and your computer will save your preference for your next visit.
There are bound to be a few kinks and errors in the lay-out, so do let me know if you encounter any. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, praises and critiques on the new and improved Dogs and Dresses – after all, I redesigned the lay-out with visitor experience quality in mind. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and are inspired by them. Here’s to new beginnings! Cheers. 
pic credits: weheartit