Clouds & Silver Linings

I seem to have a bad case of coatingitis – all I seem to buy are coats and jackets. I ordered these two babies online, got myself a pretty patterned bomber jack during the closet sale I hosted at home with Polienne (hosts closet sale to get rid of crazy amount of clothes / ends up buying new stuff at that same closet sale, yep that’s me) and a few more are somewhere high up in the sky, making their way to my front door as we speak. 
So was the jacket I’m wearing in today’s outfit post – I received it just a few days ago, straight outta China. It’s from Choies, and I love the cool bomber jack style paired with the cute, almost cartoon-like cloud print. One could even say it has a Magritte-vibe going on. This jacket is just plain regular fun – and sometimes that’s exactly what I need from my clothes. 
It all boils down to this simple sum up: 
Plain white tee, skinny leggings, comfy kicks = *yawn* 
Plain white tee, skinny leggings, comfy kicks + cloud print jacket = *YAYYYYYYY*

I’m wearing a bomber jack with cloud print co Choies, high waisted denim leggings and white tee from Topshop, Nike Dunk Sky High sneaker wedges via Spartoo schoenen. Pics by Cédric.