Opening Event of the Belgian Pavilion

From time to time, I visit my favourite theme park in the far north east of Belgium: Maasmechelen Village. It’s always a real pleasure visiting, as the outlet village does a great job coming up with exciting events and keeps reinventing itself time and time again. Last week I had my own private chauffeur come pick me up and drop me off at the Village’s latest shop: a pop-up pavilion dedicated to all things Belgian. Filles à Papa, Elvis Pompilio, Véronique Leroy and Christian Wijnants are just a few of the Belgian designers present at the Belgian Pavilion. Ambassadress Axelle Red declared the pavilion open for business, and over a few glasses of champagne and lovely burgers from Ellis, a good shopping time was had. Imagine a store filled with the best of Belgium, all offered at highly discounted prices. Dream come true, right?

Besides the actual pop-up store, there’s plenty more attention being paid to Belgian fashion. Throughout the Village is the Belgian Promenade, a myrad of shops selling top notch Belgian brands. There’s the Delvaux exposition, with the brand’s exciting history and their amazing bags on display, and there are artworks and sculptures to be enjoyed all over the Village.

Feel like visiting the Belgian Pavilion at Maasmechelen Village? It’s open until the 31st of December. Find out the easiest way to visit the outlet village on their website and let me know if you do; I would love to hear your thoughts about Maasmechelen Village and see your outlet buys ;)

first pic by TheFashionFolio
other pics by Maasmechelen Village