Blogging & the Boyfriend

Blogging and boyfriends…

Boyfriend-inspired apparel is present on just about every fashion blog you click on – from boyfriend jeans over dress shirts and oversized sweaters. But how do the actual boyfriends feel about the whole business of blogging? What’s their view on the hours of scrolling through blogs, wandering on websites and pinning every image you come across to Pinterest, things that all come with maintaining a personal style blog. Your new love interest shouldn’t be the king of blogging, he doesn’t even have to be into it, but what if your guy thinks blogging is the biggest BS ever? I mean, you’re probably spending a serious amount of your time on blogging, right?
A little while ago I had drinks with a dear blogging friend, who at the time was single but surely ready to mingle. It wasn’t long before the topic boys + blogging came up. We wondered about how tough it could be to break down the whole blogging-thing to your new beau. “What if he’s totally against it all?” and “He might find this little hobby of mine plain stupid” were just a few of the thoughts pondering around the table. In between our fruit smoothies we contemplated different scenarios, each one more dramatic than the last. Of course your bf doesn’t necessarily have to respond negative towards blogging. Actually, it seems that the most well-known bloggers are backed up by their significant other. Just think of all the advantages you’d get by having a boyfriend who’s into photography, knows a thing or two about HTML or is a Photoshop genius.

As for me, I didn’t really have an Modus Operandi worked out – I think I decided to just roll with it, which is usually the case for me regarding all things relationship. My love actually figured out about my mysterious double life through a friend of his who started following me on instagram about three weeks into the relationship. I imagine the conversation went something like this:

“dude, your girl posts a lot of pictures about clothes”
“dude, your girl’s a blogger.” – “oh, okay. Wait, what’s a blogger?”
*deafening silence*
The day after, mid-kissing session, my boyfriend casually asked about my illustrious afterschool activities and was mostly interested in the glamorous side of things. He wanted to know about the trips, the goodies and the interviews. I remember being a bit nervous and self-conscious talking about it, but his interest and support since has at times been just the thing to keep me going. Blogging is a big part of my life, and now ours, and it’s great to have someone following up on statistics, inviting people to like the facebook page and offering to help shoot pics. Thanks baby! It also turns out my blogging friend from earlier landed herself a prince charming who is in fact very supportive about blogging (so much he even comments cute little things on her blog *aaww*) – and they lived happily ever after.
So I guess the only advice I can give when it comes to boys and blogging: don’t be afraid to tell your story, explain to him* what makes you love blogging so much. After all, being passionate about something can be extremely sexy!
Now you’re up! I would love to hear how you first told your partner about your blog. Do you get support or laughs? Is he up for taking your picture in the middle of a crowded place or does he run away like a little girl whenever there’s a camera near? Share those stories!
*or her – please note that I’m using the word boyfriend in the article, but by no means am I trying to exclude, so same goes for girlfriends, same-sex couples or whatever you like to call you and your partner. I’m just a sucker for alliterations.