Denim Devotee: Levi’s Revel

I love myself a good pair of jeans as they can be styled in so many different ways, but coming across the perfect pair of denim pants isn’t always an easy journey. I have a closet full of jeans, but notice that I always go for the same two or three pairs. The ones I tend to choose all have their comfy-ness in common, but none of them are as flattering as the ones I’m wearing here (and have been wearing for three days straight!).

The Revel is the newest model in the Levi’s range, and is inspired by a woman’s desire for comfortable jeans that enhance her shape while highlighting her assets. I haven’t always been a fan of the so-called push up jeans in the past, as they used to have very noticeable details and features to conceive the trompe-l’oeil effect, but the Revel range is much more modern and sophisticated. The thing I love most about these is the fact that they really keep their shape – no more saggy knees or sloppy behind after a day’s wear.
Stop by your local Levi’s boutique to get professional advice on sizing, or do like me and order online. I found these on SoJeans at a 40% discount – not bad for a brand new pair of jeans. You might want to try on a pair in store first though. I’m usually between a size 24 and 25 and the smallest size fits me like a glove.