Waves! with the Remington Silk Ultimate Styler

Want to meet the holy grail of perfect and longlasting curls? Say hello to the Remington Silk Ultimate Styler, a 4 in 1 tool that creates smooth locks, medium and loose curls and waves. Today I’ll guide you through the path of perfect wavy hair – one step at a time. Ready? Let’s go!
Start off with the base: freshly washed and deeply nourished hair. I recently started using Trevor Sorbie products and am loving their Salon X-clusive volumising line. A volume boosting spray is no excessive luxury when you’re about to curl your hair – this product will add body to your roots and vamps up your locks. The hi-shine serum is the icing on the cake and is best used after fully styling your hair.

And here’s the man of the hour! The Silk Ultimate Styler is a new Remington design and features a 4-in-1 split barrel tong with a ribbon curl sleeve to create beautiful medium curls, loose curls, waves and smooth hair for days. Utimate versatility! I’m usually not a fan of those all-in-one hair stylers, as they often promise a lot but can’t really keep ’em. This one’s different as it’s really good at both waves/curls and straightning – there’s an extra piece to attach onto the wand for loose curls and straight, shiny locks, but I’m just using the wand to create waves. It heats up to 230°C in just 30 seconds, but with this video in mind, I’ll just stick to 190°C.

Divide your hair into different pieces and work from the bottom up. Take a strand of hair of approx. 4 cm and comb it out.

Take your hot iron and place it onto your hair, near the root. Keep the iron in place and quickly wrap the lock of hair around it. Be sure to turn the tool away from your head, so the curl will turn outwards. Hold it for about 5 to 6 seconds and gently pull out the styler, leaving your hot curl to cool off and set in.

We’re on a roll! Take strand by strand and curl away – this shouldn’t take too long, depending on the thickness and length of your hair (and your styling tool savviness). It takes me about ten minutes to turn my entire head from straight to wavy.

Okay, we’re done waving. What you have now is a very defined curl – this could be your end point, but I prefer to comb out the curls for a more natural look.

Shake loose with your hands or a brush and apply a few drops of shine serum for a glossy look. These waves are super longlasting on my hair, and I even prefer them after a day or two: they might have sagged a bit, but are still defined and wavy. My verdict? Try this at home kids! I lend out my styler to a friend with very fine hair, and even she managed to create the ultimate waves. Go and try, and show me the results!

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