E is for Elien

Shakespeare, early-2000 Béyonce and her posse, Drake and Rihanna and New Yorker Carrie all acknowledged the importance of one’s name in one way or another. My sonnet-writing has been a little on the rusty side lately and repeatedly telling the world to say my name (say my name) is too time-investing, so I opted for plan B (which obviously stands for Bradshaw) and chose a lovely silver necklace with my name on to wear around my neck. I love the fact that the typography isn’t your standard run-of-the-mill name necklace font, I adore the swooshy letters and since I’m all about silver, this beauty, kindly provided to me by ONecklace, is a winner! So now do I not only wear my heart on my sleeve, I wear my name on my chest as well. Order your own personalized jewelry here.