Winter Whites and Leopard Spots

G’morning friends! How are you doing? I’ve been actually feeling super productive blog-wise lately – annoying thing is that my productiveness is at its high point right around midnight, which leaves me with little time to fill with much needed sleep. Ah well, you don’t hear me complain, I’ll just stick to daydreams for the time being. So like I said, fun things are coming up on Dogs and Dresses. It’s really rewarding to get positive comments and happy tweets from my readers – you really are the ones that keep me going. So question to you: what would you like to see more of on the blog? Is it daily looks? More personal stories or in-depth articles about a certain subject? Travel? Beauty? Food? Tell me! Gotta run, I’m off to work. Happy Tuesday everyone!
I’m wearing a
(I’m selling this one in a size 36, contact me if you’re interested)
H&M knitted dress, bonnet and tights 
Pinko boots
Balenciaga bag
Photos by Cédric