TAG, you’re it! It was with great enjoyment that I started reading the Eleven Things You Didn’t Know About Me post on Afrodite’s blog The Fashion Folio. Turns out she tagged me at the end of the article, urging me to get in on the fun and share my own eleven things. So here I am, turning myself inside out for the world to see. Warning: this list may contain weird confessions.
1 The most important things on my list of resolutions are also major life goals: landing myself an amazing job and moving into a cozy place with my love. Once we’ve established that, it’s on to rescuing a doggy from the pound, discovering and conquering the world and living a happy life.

2 My surname is Polish. I’ve never actually visited Poland, but when my great grandfather came to Belgium, he passed his foreign but cool sounding surname on to us. 
 3 I love hanging out with the boys – I can talk clothes for days, am able to quote entire episodes of SATC and appreciate a good chick flick, but I also really enjoy pub crawls, dirty jokes and a cold beer or two.

4 I often overdose on television shows. I watched the entire eight seasons of Breaking Bad in a row and am now currently obsessing over Criminal Minds. Also on my weekly watch list are The Carrie Diaries, New Girl, Hart of Dixie and The Big Bang Theory. In moments of nostalgia I turn to my numerous box sets of The OC, Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City. 
5 The number five is my lucky number. My name starts with an E, which is the fifth letter in the alphabet, and it takes five letters to spell my name. I was born on the 5th of September and my boyfriend’s birthday is on the fifth as well. Basically the number 5 is the red line throughout my life. #psycho #iknowright 
6 Jake Gylenhaal is my favourite actor. Honestly, I can’t come up with a film in which he didn’t act the hell out of. His latest, Prisoners, is by far my fave movie of 2013. The second spot is for Jack uhm Leonardo DiCaprio – another awesome actor. Concerning Ryan Gosling, most of the romcoms he played in aren’t my thing, but I can appreciate his action flicks. And his arm muscles.

7 I sometimes contemplate writing my blog posts in Dutch as well – I have always loved writing and I’m convinced that the many times I had to write essays for detention in middle school actually improved my writing skills. So, should I?

8 I’ve never seen The Notebook. Please don’t throw rocks at me.  
9 Je voudrais parler Français comme un pro, so that’s why I’ve decided to take up French lessons soon – just to get back into le groove

10 I love pandas.

11 I hate going to the hairdressers – I’ve had the same cut for ehh forever, so the only reason I visit the salon is to get some trimming done to the ends, a process that takes up about three minutes, but which costs me a lot (I always have to pay for the long hair supplement, sometimes for the extra long hair supplement – crazy!). I always style my hair myself.


1. What do you usually do on a weekday? 
It depends what day it is – I work part time as a stylist and use up all of my free time working on the blog. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and in the weekends, I’ll wake up around 9 and check my social media from within the confines of my warm and cosy bed. Then I’ll slowly move myself towards the kitchen to make a cup of green tea or a soy latte and some oats with almond milk and fruit (whatever’s around). After that it’s back to my desk, where I’ll reply e-mails, schedule posts and arrange collaborations with brands and labels. On days like these I try to shoot an outfit, which leads to editing and uploading photos, looking for links and writing text. This is all very exciting, right? ;-) I’ll spend my evening together with my boyfriend, going out for dinner and watching a movie. Never do I go to bed before midnight.

2. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought so far and was it worth the money?
Come to think of it, I have dropped some serious cash on a few items so far – there’s the Balenciaga, the Mulberry, the See by Chloé boots and the Surface to Air sandals. I tend to spend money on bags and shoes, but keep my clothing on the affordable side. I was lucky enough to adopt my dad’s brand new car (thanks pap!) so I think the next big expense will be my own place to live. Or a Chanel Boy bag.
3. What’s your favourite city in the whole wide world (even if you haven’t been there yet)? 
I suspect New York City would be my kind of place, but I would also love to check out Los Angeles. When it comes to Europe, on the top of my list are London and Barcelona.
4. Panda or flamingo (total randomness, I know)? 
 Really? You still have to ask that?
5. Blogging: what do you like most about it? 
I recently wrote an article about the things I love the most about blogging. Find it here. In short, the answer is: YOU GUYS.
6. What’s the biggest fashion faux pas according to you? 
Not having the guts to wear what you want. I’ve always adorned myself in pieces that I loved, but stood in front of the mirror doubting my choices more than once. Is this appropriate to wear on a school day? Will my classmates approve? Is this ‘in’? Moving to Antwerp really opened up my view on what you can and cannot wear – turns out you can get away with just about everything, as long as your hair’s looking good ;)
7. An actual magazine made of paper or reading with a tablet? 
Actual magazine please! If I see something that catches my eye while flicking through the mag, I’ll grab my iPhone and snap a picture of it. I sometimes press my index finger onto the image in an attempt to save it. Doesn’t work yet.
8. You had a teen crush on…? 
Can’t really tell, I don’t think I ever really had a teen crush. Of course there was the Backstreet Boys and 5ive era (yep 5, real fans write it like that!). This calls for a musical intermezzo, now doesn’t it? Dance / dance / dance.
9. What attracts you most to a person (his/sense sense of style, those killer shoes, his/her eyes,…)
I hardly ever notice somebody’s eyes – I often forget what colour mine are. So no, I’m probably not attracted to a person’s eyes. I’d say sense of humour and ability to put things into perspective. I like smart people. And shoulders. I have a creepy thing for good shoulders.
10. If you could only attend one fashion for the rest of your life, which one would it be? 
I have really fond memories of London Fashion Week, strolling through the streets of my favourite city, soaking up the creativity and individualism of the people surrounding me. The people attending LFW are just so cool! But I love the je-ne-sais-quois and magical moments of Paris Fashion Week, and the busy beehive that is NYFW.
11. Just because: cats or dogs?
Only one way to answer this one.. COLLAGE OF CUTENESS.

We’ve come to the end of this show kids. I hope you enjoyed this way too egocentric post about me, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you better as well. Let me know if you want to write your own 11 Things post on twitter (@dogsanddresses) and I’ll gladly provide you with a couple more questions. Chain posts FTW!