Slip-on Sneakers

They’ve been around for a season or three now, but are hotter than ever. They score high on the comfy scale and are the answer to the question: “after the sneaker wedge, what’s next?”. The slip-ons, no-laces trainers with a thick sole on the bottom and a preferably fun print on top, are the next it-shoes. They have been around since forever, albeit more loved skater boys and grungy types, but are now being completely embraced by the fashion crowd. 
I get their appeal, because don’t we all love when comfy footwear becomes trending? Nothing better than getting to strut around town on this season’s shoes, without having to wobble around on 10 inch heels that massacre your feet. Only thing about this rather new style is how to work them into your everyday wardrobe. Scroll along, I’ll show you! 

Of course ASOS is the place to be for an afforable and quirky take on the slip-on trend. These DOCKLAND trainers come in a variety of different patterns, from Hawaiian to Céline-ish, and in black and white as well.
Starting tomorrow, Flipit has an exclusive discount code for this shopping destination. Go grab it and let loose on the new ASOS collection. Oh and don’t forget to share what you shopped! 

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