Today we’re talking hats – or at least books about them. I’m very proud to introduce you to Chapeau, which can be best described as the Flemish equivalent to the Bible for everybody who loves to wear hats, or for those who just love the look of them. Because whether you’ve already embraced headwear into your everyday wardrobe or are having trouble styling your fedora, floppy hat or beanie into a look that works: author Leen Van Severen tells you all there is to know about adorning your head with this Winter’s ultimate and timeless headpieces. 
Chapeau sheds the light on tons of different hats, show you how to get rid of ‘hat hear’ and offers up a fair amount of good old inspiration pics. Inspirational photos by Belgium bloggers, for instance. And that’s where I come in: Dogs and Dresses is featured in the book, with a full page picture (this look from last year) and an interview to booth. Quite the honor! The book’s available at most book stores in Belgium and up for order online here.
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